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"Broadway" features an old time movie theatre street block...complete with star chasing searchlights! Click on the yellow store front legends and you'll be swept away to a constantly evolving collection of net links to Online Fun and Entertainment including music webcasts!

On "Broadway"...You can tune into the best archived Web Concerts and music webcasts...Be taken to the liveliest Webcams and webcasts on the Web...Get daily updates on the Best Scheduled Web Chats...Hang out in the Coolest Web Night Spots...Find the sharpest Web Music Radio on earth...Find tickets fast to your favorite "live" events...See cool webcast Screen action from the worlds of Movies, Animation, TV and the Web...Check out unique Net Sports sites...Start your world travels from your computer...Shop 'til ya drop at outrageous Net Store Fronts...See what's cool on the Web today with Cool Site Updates... check the latest hot music webcasts... or, Learn about Breaking News on the GottaGo"Live"! Premier Web Events marquee. Plus...There's a hot link that keeps you posted on the latest Web "Buzz".

Main Street

Want some tips on how to make tracks in the 21st Century? Head down to "Main Street". It's a bright, fun, charming little ol' downtown location with links to News, Information, music webcasts, and creative Websites for "New Millennium Living".

Scrolling "Main Street"...You'll discover the latest Web Lifestyle Trends and Updates...Eat well and stay well with Health and Wellness Web Info...Getta kick outta weird, wacky Websites...Find Web finance info from the GottaGo"Live"! Money window...Uncover the saaviest Web Consumer Values...Grab a bite, meet a cook or find a great Recipe at the Food diner...or, Hop the milk truck for terrific Web stuff for Kids!

Gotta have some real "live" net events today? Then, your next GottaGo"Live"! destination's gonna be the easy going "Cantina". The "Cantina" sets the mood for enjoying "live" Online Audio and Video Events and music webcasts.


You'll have the best seats in the house as the "Cantina" serves up huge portions to satisfy any entertainment appetite. The menu includes New Music, Audio and Video Performances, music webcasts, Interviews, Programs and Features. Or, be a part of the "in crowd". Head Backstage...There's a variety of Entertainment and Sports Personalities, People 'n Places to visit.

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